Wellness is an Active, Lifelong Process

Dr. Trent here ūüėĀ I just love this definition of Wellness by ASU.

It’s stuck with me for many years in practice and very elegantly describes why our office (and why I look for individuals) is not concerned with masking the problem you may arrive in our office with. 

Talk a look:

“Wellness is an ACTIVE, LIFELONG PROCESS of becoming AWARE OF CHOICES and MAKING DECISIONS toward a MORE BALANCED AND FULFILLING LIFE. Wellness involves choices about our lives and our PRIORITIES that DETERMINE OUR LIFESTYLES. The Wellness concept is centered on connections and the idea that the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT AND COMMUNITY are ALL INTERRELATED and interdependent.”

-Arizona State University’s Definition of Wellness

Chiropractic fits into wellness and not the other way around. 

It’s a part (vital, you can’t duplicate!) Of the wellness picture. 

Getting an adjustment only to relieve symptoms is like saying you’ll start taking care of yourself only when you get sick or a diagnosis.

It’s illogical and unscientific. You are much more than an identity in an illness or disease process!

You are (and can be) a vibrant expression of optimal health. It all starts with knowledge of what you want…usually that journey will uncover real truths such as what WELLNESS is.

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