Is a specific upper cervical technique.  Toggle is the oldest technique and is specific to the first bone in your spine.  The first bone is called your atlas and it protects the brain stem which is very important for many different functions in your body, along with where the brain and spinal cord connect at.

When your atlas is misaligned it decreases the healing capability in your body.  A gentle toggle adjustment helps to take restore proper position to allow your brain and body to connect.

Manual/Drop Adjustments

Depending upon your evaluation, a drop/manual adjustment could be best for your spine.  After the chiropractor analyzes the spine, a specific chiropractic adjustment will be made.  They can use the drop pieces (a part of the table) to assist in the adjustment.

Infant Adjusting

Have you ever checked the ripness of a tomato?  That’s the amount of pressure that is used in adjusting infants.  The birth process is not only traumatic on mom, but also on the baby, regardless of vaginal or caesarean delivery.

Both chiropractors have a lot of experience with adjusting infants.

Babies don’t have to have a symptom to get checked by your chiropractor.  As research show 90% of infants have a subluxation in the upper part of their neck.  We do see infants have great success who have trouble breast feeding, colic/chronic crying (nothing soothes them), sleep issues, digestion issues and trouble with tummy time.