Here We GO!

When someone finds out your a chiropractor and they start telling you all about their aches and pains etc.

Would you be shocked if you heard this truth:

Not one medical text book or encyclopedia defines health as how one “feels or looks”?? As a society focused on those two things, we are focused on the wrong perspective.

Health is a state of complete physical, emotional and social well-being and not merely the absence of symptoms or infirmities.

Here’s a statistic that will prove the ūüĎČ 50% of all heart disease cases have their first sign or symptom of that disease with death ūüíÄ by heart attack!

So what does health really mean or what should we be focused on? Function. How everything is performing not feeling. 
The brain system is thee only system that controls and coordinates ALL function of your body. The spine protects that delicate system and if it has any interference that causes the spine to lose its structural integrity (alignment) it will ensue as an insult to how you perform (function) and very rarely affect how you feel.

The Chiropractic adjustment helps to aid the body in restoring, maintaining and improving function! There is no way around that nor any other way to get that.

Are you ready to change your perspective on health? 

Dr. Trent Hippard and Dr. Amy Hippard are chiropractors at Wellness Tree Family Chiropractic in Belvidere IL, serving those also in surrounding areas, Rockford IL/Loves Park IL. They focus on helping families be empowered for optimal health potential by locating and detecting vertebral subluxations within the spine. They focus on prenatal (Webster Technique), pediatric, whole family chiropractic for an affordable fee. No insurance, no problem. Visit for more information on how to get started!

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