Consultation & Evaluation

Once you have filled out your paper work, in our office or prior (download forms here), we will give you an office tour to make you comfortable and get to know our office. We will begin by getting to know you, what brings you into our office, why your seeking chiropractic care, your history, lifestyle, and health goals.  Getting to know you and your family is important in understanding your needs and how we can help you achieve better health.

What can I expect during the evaluation?

We will provide you with an overview of our office and explain how the office of Wellness Tree Family Chiropractic is quite different from most chiropractic offices.  From there, you will then begin the evaluation process.

We use an Evidence-Based Chiropractic Protocol in our office which are the Spinal Health Assessment (SHA) and the Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  The SHA is the first spinal health assessment that allows the valid and reliable detection and severity rating of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) or segmental joint dysfunction.  Using peer-reviewed diagnostic criteria for VSC or segmental joint dysfunction (restricted range of motion, muscle spasm and segmental joint and muscle swelling).    

We go over all of your results with you and determine whether or not we can help you.  You will know exactly what service we provide and how much it costs.  It’s important that we are the right fit for you before you invest time, effort and money.  It’s your health.  There should never be any surprises.

If you are a candidate for care and you are comfortable with our office and procedures, we will discuss chiropractic recommendations and financial options on your second day with us.

Should we determine our office is not the right fit for you, we will recommend the proper specialist to follow up with.

How much is an evaluation?

During this first visit one of our doctors will review your case complementary.
If an examination is warranted, comprehensive testing will be performed to determine the nature of your problem and if we can help.  The examination, the analysis and review of results is $140.