Are chiropractors qualified health professionals?

Ever considered your healthcare professionals credentials? Like most people, they have not given it much thought but they are lead to conclude their own opinions about it. As a doctor of chiropractic I know I have ran into the various opinions of others about misconceptions, myths and uncertainty that my profession has in the public’s eye regarding the “Dr.” title. Today I wish to bring to attention that your chiropractor has a vast education in courses like anatomy/embryology, physiology, pathology, neurology, microbiology and chemistry/biology (to name a few). Believe it or not your chiropractor has more academic hours in the majority of these courses compared to other professions.
Now, we can’t compare professions because that is like looking at the differences between a plumber and an electrician. At the end of the day they both work on the house but they do TOTALLY different things! All other professions in the healthcare system are focused on the “outside-in” approach verses chiropractic is focused on the “inside-out” approach. Neither are wrong if they are applied in the right circumstances but when you use it in the wrong situation it creates confusion, higher costs and even causes more problems than solutions.
If you are seeing a chiropractor you can rest assured that he or see has earned their respectful title of “Dr.” and have completed the 4,600+ hours of academic excellence along with completing and passing the grueling tests for their National Board requirements for state licensing. I will also mention that to complete this intense academic calendar, the program is completed in 3 and 1/3 calendar years (year round/5 year program condensed) with breaks consisting of only 10 days off between trimesters or quarters. Sometimes knowing the “how” helps to gain the understanding of the “what” and then sets up the “why”.