Our Story

Dr. Trent Hippard started Wellness Tree Family Chiropractic in his home town of Belvidere, IL in 2013.  He and Dr. Amy married in 2014 and she joined the practice.  They’ve been blessed to serve the community of Belvidere and surrounding areas over the years together and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our Approach

For people seeking better health, We are a health care team that specializes in correcting core problems with the spine and nervous system.  We will help you get to the root of your health problems and how to avoid recreating them in the future.  We are not a traditional chiropractic office that focuses on temporarily reducing pain.  Our focus is called Neuro-Structural Restoration™.  We believe YOU and YOUR FAMILY were designed to be extraordinary and meant to live at your optimal potential.

The human body is designed to be self-regulating and self-healing.  The part of the body that is responsible for healing is your nervous system, which is protected by your spine.  When your spine misaligns it interferes with the messages being sent from the brain to the body.  Our office is focused on one thing and one thing only, removing this interference. Chiropractic isn’t about fixing neck pain, back pain, and headaches.  By means of a specific chiropractic adjustment, Chiropractors relieve stress on the nervous system.  It’s not FEEL GOOD it’s BE GOOD.

Meet Your Team