Sick or Treat?


This Halloween – be good to your body! At a time filled with lots of holiday sweets, it’s important to remember the affect that SUGAR has on your IMMUNE system!

• Eating 100 g of sugar (equivalent to one 20 oz Coke and 2 Fun-Sized candies such as Snickers and Twix) causes immune suppression starting 30 minutes after ingestion and lasting for up to 5 hours after the sugar is eaten!
• It decreases your body’s ability for white blood cells to kill germs by 40%!
• Sugar increases the inflammatory response in your body – the first responder to inflammation is the WBC! If all of your WBCs are busy reacting to a sugar spike, they are not able to get to foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, causing an increase in sickness.
• Sugar competes with the Vitamin C receptor sites in your cells. If your receptors are all filled up with sugar – no Vitamin C gets to stay and your immune system won’t get any benefit from your vitamins.
• The average American consumes 3 pounds of sugar each week!

Do yourself a favor and keep your nervous system functioning at 100% with a chiropractic adjustment, improving natural immune function! Also, monitor your sugar intake, stay hydrated and increase your intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin D for the best results for natural immunity this fall!

If you’ve not yet had your spooky-spine checked – what better time than HALLOWEEN!?!

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