200,000 Human Diseases!?

Did you know that there are over 200,000 human diseases? Wow, that’s a lot! Have you considered this, a medical doctor’s main focus is to try and diagnosis the most common diseases. Wait a second…how do they know for sure they are correct in their diagnosis? The average experienced veteran M.D. statistically is at best 30-35% correct in their initial impressions. So that leaves a high likelihood (70-65%) you may get the wrong diagnosis or be diagnosed with a disease you do not have!

I bring this reality to mind because I suggest this: let’s focus on what makes us healthy rather than focus on trying to find out what made us sick before it’s too late. That’s where chiropractic fits in. To be the healthiest you can be and to express optimal quality of function or performance your master control system called the central nervous system needs to be evaluated and when needed cleared of interference. This interference hinders how the body communicates or releases LIFE-GIVING information to the entire body.

By focusing on what makes us healthy and health being from a fully connected brain-body connection without interference, we set up our families and communities for a greater potential at life.

Dr. Trent Hippard and Dr. Amy Hippard are chiropractors at Wellness Tree Family Chiropractic in Belvidere IL, serving those also in surrounding areas, Rockford IL/Loves Park IL. They focus on helping families be empowered for optimal health potential by locating and detecting vertebral subluxations within the spine. They focus on prenatal (Webster Technique), pediatric, whole family chiropractic for an affordable fee. No insurance, no problem. Visit Wellnesstreechiro.com for more information on how to get started!